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Listen Up! Country Folk

The Weather Station are a band I became aware of, well about five minutes ago. I really like them. It might be fuelled by the fact that I am obssessed with Nashville. Like really. It’s that kind of country ballad, guitars on the veranda, type of loveliness.

Love: Jamie Sturt

Jamie Sturt

A year ago I met a boy. Then we fell in love. I not really in to over sharing on the internet (although this blog has been tinged with more personal stuff lately) but this time it’s kind of essential information, given that I’m about to tell you about his music.

This is Jamie’s new demo of three songs, he wrote and recorded them over the last couple of months. I love them. There may of course be a degree of bias involved but…well I think you’ll love them too. And if you don’t, don’t. He’s a very talented man.