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I’ll Remember This Forever


This weekend I went camping in a very beautiful place in Scotland.  Early in the morning we went walking through the woods. Even though I’d fallen over the day before I clambered down to a tiny patch of sand beside the river and watched it in all it’s beauty. My friend, in her yellow raincoat, played this song on her phone. Life is good.

The Month of May


Pinch, punch first of the month! Inspired by the Arcade Fire tune here are some springtime songs…

Sharon Van Etten ‘Everytime the Sun Comes Up’

It’s impossible not to love this lady’s music. This is a lilting, yearning track from her soon to be released new album ‘Are We There’. You can also watch a live session of it with extra glimmers over at NME.com.

San Fermin ‘Sonsick’

I feel in love with this song  on my iPod. Play it loud, on a sunshine day and feel like the world is better.

John Denver ‘I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to be Free’

This week I have been listening to a lot of old vinyl, this is my most favourite song.