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The Weekend Edition

Your weekly chunk of cool things to check out!

Record Dinner Plate

Eating the Beats

I discovered this amaaaaaazing blog which posts recipes inspired by great music. As someone who likes baking and records it’s a total winner, check out this amazing Savoury Apple Bread, inspired by Fiona Apple, and a recipe for home made pop tarts.

Matthew E White 

I scooted over Matthew E White’s album when it was released, it never really stuck with me. This song has won me over, it’s literally on repeat as I draft this. Also very good summer music, for whenever the sun may come our way!

Raising 1.5 Million in a Day 

Yeah, that’s what Zach Braff did via Kickstarter for his new film, a follow up to Garden State. Read more via Rolling Stone. Now what could I ask for…

For those who haven’t heard or loved the Garden State Soundtrack as much as me (remember the Shins moment? sigh) here’s a few solid tunes.