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Biffy Clyro & Me


Tonight I’m going to Glasgow for Biffy Clyro, the Scottish rock band I’ve loved for almost a decade. When it comes to the escalating success of musicians I can be stubborn, originally refusing to buy a ticket based on it being their only Glasgow gig, on a Monday and at an arena venue. I still believe this to be a poor effort.


The reason I’m going? Double album Opposites came out and I hands down love it.  In no particular order  here is a personally annotated journey through the Biffy back catalogue, hope you enjoy the music.

Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies

When I was twenty three I’d come back from spending a year teaching in China, then rocketing round the country looking for ‘a job in media’. Of course I ended up at home in Inverness, working for my Dad in an office. The highlight of my day was walking from one office to another to pick up the mail as I had the time to listen to one song. On a whim I’d bought Puzzle, from the first time I heard this song I was addicted to the album.  It’s a modern classic and the beginning still gives me goosebumps.


With any band I start to like it’s important to go back to the beginning. 27 is from Biffy’s first album Blackened Sky, there’s also a really nice B side from the record called Hope For an Angel.

Glitter & Trauma

A considered track from 2004 release Infinity Land, Simon Neil’s offbeat lyrical charm is a winner.


My sister was introduced to Biffy after a Rockness slot, during which they were LOUD, the crowd was mental, it was kind of an off day. She trusted my judgement enough to go to a Corn Exchange show that August, this song now reminds me of the many times we’ve seen them together.

Whose Got a Match

One of the highlights of their live set and another track from Puzzle.

Folding Stars

A really beautiful song from Puzzle, lyrically it’s one of my top picks.


The current epic hit from Opposites was my favourite track from first listen.

Finally I wanted to share ‘The Fog’ from Opposites, but I can’t find a version of it online. The melody is really beautiful.

Radio Silence


Hey there music fans! Over the last month things have been so busy that everything I have been meaning to post has just ended up in as sporadic notes on my computer, instead of here for you all to read it.

It’s one of the great thing about being a blogger: you don’t have deadlines, there’s no recompense due if you don’t file something on time or the word count’s over – the downside being it’s too easy to put things on the back burner, the longer you leave it the easier it is to let things pile up.

Enough of my prattle – here are some things to get your ears wholly stuck in to.

Eliza and The Bear

There are certain festival’s whose line up I will always have a good rummage through, as they are sure to possess great up and coming talent. Brighton’s The Great Escape is one, where I discovered folkish ruffians Eliza and The Bear. Listen to the single Brother’s Boat below, which you can also download as a freebie.


Cloud Boat 

On the subject of boats here’s a second one I plucked from The Great Escape’s sea is electronic duo Cloud Boat, this track I Left For a Reason (It Escapes Me Now) is certainly bewitching stuff.


Biffy Clyro 

The band’s new double album Opposites is a collection of standout rock rooted tracks that are a happy progression from the pop friendly Only Revolutions – more a move back to the band’s glory days. Surefire hit ‘Biblical’ will leave you wanting more, while the bluesy ‘Trumpet or Tap’ and the eighties tune melancholic ‘The Fog’ are highlights. All round there’s a compelling narrative and the trio’s drumming and guitar riffs alone make it a winner. Succumb now.


Joy Formidable 

Wolf’s Law is the title track from the Welsh act’s recently released second album and it’s incredibly purty. Overall catch the whole record, out on Atlantic, for upbeat beginnings, a gorgeous vocal from frontlady Ritzy Brian and scattered, emotional strings.

Music for Getting Better at Being Rubbish


Yesterday I had a pretty harrowing experience: my second round of flying trapeze. For a good few months I took trapeze classes and I kind of loved them, although I wasn’t exactly the most gifted – there is something cathartic about trying really, really hard at something you are rubbish at, little victories are more exciting. I did flying for the first time in April and was actually pretty adequate, feels totally amazing when you’re swooping through the air. Yesterday however was a different story. As soon as I stepped off the platform I just kept falling. Literally, like seven or eight times versus two good swings. And to top it off my hands are shot to shit (I have seven plasters scattered across my palms) I ache all over and I’m covered in bruises.

Looks like fun…

HOWEVER I like to think that I’m getting better at being rubbish, queue strategic cheer up through this musical playlist…

Errors, Relics

A mighty fine track from their new mini album, New Relics (as an aside I also think Have Some Faith In Magic is the best title for an album EVER)

Alabama Shakes, Hold On 

The title is amusingly apt

Biffy Clyro, Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies

Listen to it loud, then sweep their back catalogue.

Zola Jesus, Skin

A track filled with drama, her voice is incredible. This track is from her 2011 release Conatus.

Mark Lanegan Ode to Sad Disco

Groove to it!

Loch Lomond, Kicking With Your Feet

A song about fighting and fighting back, it’s from the White Dresses EP, released on Chemikal Underground

We Were Promised Jetpacks, It’s Thunder and It’s Lighting

Again loud is best!

Procrastination officially done for the day, add suggestions if you please…