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Listen Up ! Young Fathers

For no particular reason I missed Young Fathers. I knew they were from Edinburgh, I also knew they had won the Mercury Prize. Both of those things haven’t really gone together before. For some reason I still just didn’t listen to them. That changed yesterday when my wonderful friend sent me loads of new music. I have now decided they are rather awesome.

Check out the KEXP session below, it’s a fine afternoon for it.

I Love The Decemberists

This week I am lucky to have free time. Today I got up late and all I’ve done so far is write. I like to break it up with music. I saw The Decemberists on Friday, ever since the show I can’t stop listening to them.

Here you go…

Love Songs

In general I am not one for Valentines. This morning I listened to NPR’s ‘Songs You Love to Love’ segment, the chat made me laugh a lot. I also love the Bright Eyes song First Day of My Life that weirdly made number one. It’s also good to know that other people would also skip Ed Sheeran (yes I’m a music snob, I’m over it). This song reminds me of being young and full of hope.

Poignant Places: Michael Price

I don’t know about you but I’ve had an odd and mostly really sad week. There are things going on that are out of anyone’s control and filled with sorrow. I heard the exquisite Michael Price on 6 music this morning, they played a track called Easter which is the kind of song that can make you weep within seconds. I could find it to share however this one is just as beautiful.  As someone who’s life is filled with words sometimes an instrumental piece can move you like no other.

Merry (almost) Christmas!

Snow. From my classroom window
       Snow. From my classroom window.

YES. It is Christmas Eve. There is no excuse to leave out the jingle bell. Some songs for your auditory glee.

SLOW CLUB: Christmas Baby Please Come Home

This is my favourite version of a Christmas song. I know every note!


I downloaded an alternative Christmas playlist this year, turned out this was the only song I like!



This makes me want to be in a jazz bar, drinking whisky.