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Music to Love

Photo Courtesy of Dangerdust

There’s an American artist called Dangerdust that I’ve fallen in love with, they produce beautiful chalk drawings of quotes and song lyrics, featured above. For this Good Friday here are some other things to fall for.

Lyla Foy 

This girls music is beyond pretty.

Francois and the Atlas Mountains

The new album Piano Ombre beams jubilance.

I’ll Follow The Sun





Belgian Fog Plays…David Wise

Today is a day for discovering. More specifically new music from Seattle based Robert Dale, who recently started making music under the title of Belgian Fog.  His shimmering first track caught my attention and lead to a conversation about submitting something  and the lovingly fashioned picture below! Check it out…

Belgian Fog

Belgian Fog Plays…David Wise

This track, by David Wise, has become something of a cult ‘go-to’ song for nostalgic gamers. The medium these writers had to work with, in the early 90s, was constricting to say the least; composers trying desperately, often to comedic effect, to re-create orchestral instruments synthetically while adding an electronic element to it. But like many works of art, the limitations are often what help it become so emotionally endearing. Growing up playing the Donkey Kong Country games, even more than the visual element, the music brought me to another location emotionally with instrumentation that I’d never experienced.

It’s these types of things that creep into the social subconscious; a generation of SNES players who are now at the age where they are determining the popular and credible music of their era. I could see this track fitting easily onto any number of night-bus playlists of the current day – provided a low-octave pitch-shifted R&B vocal loop was added.


Being about as far from a gamer as possible there are elements of this that I really like; the dream like loops and chords and how it  pulls at the threads of memories, most likely from the ninenties.

Dale used to play in bands before seeking to use the instrumentation he found personally gratifying, thus solo project Belgian Fog was born.  In the rhythmic loops and samples of first track ‘Wait For Help’ you can hear parallels with Wise’s work, fused with a well worn drum beat, guitar with his mysterious vocal. An artist to keep an eye on.

For now listen to ‘Wait for Help’ right here.


Cool Things I Found


I still love this song as much as I did ten years ago.

Prog-rock from Singapore: Anechois

When I’m in study mode I listen to only instrumental music, I exhausted Mogwai and Godspeed pretty quickly so I tweeted asking for suggestions. A kind sir passed on Anechois whose EP, A Shadow of a Sound, has been nice to listen to, there’s a little bit of funk in it to. Check it out for yourself…

The MOMA blog

I have an insane love for both New York and art galleries, although I don’t go to either often enough. Once I took a week off work to go to Edinburgh Art College and study pastels on a large scale. My teacher tended to sigh at me and ask me why I always made things so difficult for myself, sitting at a really weird angle, trying to paint through glass or holding my pastels funny. I liked massive abstract things, so he told me to look up Richard Dieberkorn, an American artist influenced by German Expressionism. I still have the piece of sugar paper he wrote the suggestion down on in 2B pencil.

Richard Diebenkorn Sketch

This week I ended up on the MOMA blog, which has a whole exhibition on German Expressionism. Random but I’ve very much enjoyed flicking through the works and thought you might like it too.