About Play

Hello there. I’m glad you found my blog and I hope it’s because you love music too. Blogging is funny – it’s almost too easy to pick up and put down. I guess I used to take it a bit more seriously. Now I write about music I love so I can look back and remember. I hope you discover something cool.

 CONTACTS By all means say hello, you probably should know that I am exceptionally bad at checking my emails – playthatsongforme@gmail.com

I also have a little sister tumblr and  facebook and twitter


4 thoughts on “About Play”

  1. Hey Jo, very cool stuff. I love Beth Orton. Looking forward to exploring your blog. If you get a minute check me out at Songwriter’s Demention here on word press. I just got started so there’s not a lot up yet. My style is more eclectic than might be evident from the current posts. Keep up the good work.

  2. I’ve been away from my own blog for a while. Today when I came back, I saw that I’ve picked up some new followers which is always surprising and gratifying. And I’m glad that I came upon your blog as a result. This blog of yours is real good and fun.

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