Keaton Henson


Two blogs in one week! This never happens. Keaton Henson is an artist I can’t stop listening to, his old stuff, his new stuff – all of the stuff. It’s beautiful and I’m obsessed with it in the best way. The way I am with people like Angel Olsen and Sufjan Stevens. The way I used to be with albums on my walkman that I’d have on over and over. It makes you feel.

I first heard ‘Alright’, about someone left behind when their love is on tour and anxiety. It’s incredibly real and heartbreaking.

I also discovered he does all this cool art, I found the above on the internet.

Listen Up! Julia Jacklin

maxresdefault.jpgIt’s been a while since I heard an album I really wanted to blog about. Julia Jacklin’s Don’t Let the Kids Win is worth it. It’s like a more uplifting, cowboy boot heeled sister to Angel Olsen. Lovely.