Why I still love Frightened Rabbit

I’m sitting on the bus listening to the (relatively new) Frightened Rabbit album, thinking about how I much I love this band. It’s not that they produce the best music I’ve ever heard, or even that they are my favourite band to come out of Scotland, it’s that I’ve grown with them. When I couldn’t find my way I needed the early, miserable tunes.  They made me feel like it was normal to be lost. When I was sad I needed the joyousness of their anthems. I understood the songs about disillusionment, about being hurt, about the emptiness of one night stands. And I loved them. They made me feel like it was ok. We need more of that in the world.

Now, this new album, it’s still full of it all: all the hurt, all the hope. There will always be glimmers of happiness and there will always be moments of struggle. This band embraces it, reflects the essential imperfections. And all of us just keep on keeping on.

Some songs…