I Really Want A Record Player


I’ll warn you straight up this is a majorly self indulgent blog post. I really want a record player. GASP. I don’t have one already? No, I’ve been strongly aligned to the humble CD for the past decade, I like that they are more stackable (there I said it) and I don’t have to stand up to flip sides. I know the sounds better on vinyl yada yada, the real reason I’m changing now is there are some many less collectable releases on CD, and no download codes when you purchase. Itunes is no longer my friend, following a change in it’s privacy terms it won’t recognise new items. Typing it in song by song would make my soul cry. So music lovers that’s it, now I really want a record player and ideally your help in choosing one. Old or new? What to look for? Does it matter?  In return here are the first three things I’d like to buy on vinyl…

Rodriguez ‘Cold Fact’

I cried watching documentary Searching for Sugarman on the plane to Thailand. I love that someone could be so humble in the face of so much new found fame. This song in particular makes me really happy.

Devendra Banhart ‘Mala’

I like this latest release from Devendra Banhart a lot. That’s all.

Willis Earl Beal ‘Wavering Lines’


PS – if there are adverts below they are nothing to do with me, it’s a new WordPress thing I believe meaning you have to pay to keep things ad free.

One thought on “I Really Want A Record Player”

  1. Wow. Its amazing. You described your need really well. I will recommend you to buy a new one. A well-functioning old record player is a tough one to find. Besides, If you are not an expert, then you may ended up with the worst. Please consider the driving system first. The most common one available in the market is either belt driven or direct drive. Both of these have different advantages. But the system does not sound a lot different due to these two system. As you want to have it for listening purposes you can choose the belt one. But remember, it may loose elasticity after certain time. In case of direct drive you will not suffer from this problems. But they are a little bit costly. So, in my suggestion, if you do not have any budget problem, buy the direct drive one.
    The second most important thing is the stylus. It is the most crucial part. Diamond stylus is best.
    The third thing you need to consider is the tonearm and its counter-weight.
    Further, check for the USB system, computer compatibility and other auxiliary system. They will able you to play music from your computer, phones too.

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