Crushing On: Adam Stafford

Concept1There’s a new record from Adam Stafford (who blogged a wee while ago for Play a Song For Me) that you should listen to; it’s called Imaginary Walls Collapse. He’s an immensely talented human being.


Daily Dance: Strawberry Alarm Clock

Hippies_DancingHey music fans! The reason this dance is no longer daily is because I’m currently in Thailand, spending my summer travelling through the mountains, lounging on beaches and pondering how to become a hippie. However as I love sharing music with you here’s a good old song from my travels…


Cool Things I Found


It’s summer! In Scotland. Finally. Some sunshine appropriate tunes…

This mix from Self-Titled Magazine is very good…

As is Willis Earl Beale’s Film Principles of the Protagonist: ‘a short film that’s actually about something’. I tried to embed for you lovely people it but it isn’t working for some unfathomable reason, so watch it via Exclaim! I’m a big fan of Beale’s music and illustrations, he’s a stunning raw talent. Here are some tracks for your listening pleasure.