Cool Things I Found

It’s only Tuesday but the weather in Edinburgh is shocking this week, the kind of winds that whip round your face, bring freezing rain/sleet/snow and make sure you never see the sky. Here is a round up of some things which have made my week metaphorically brighter…

Fleamarket Funk Mixes

For no particular reason I’ve been in to discovering blogs dedicated to soul and funk music lately and Brooklyn based Fleamarket Funk has superb monthly mixes to get your ears into. Check them out on the blog’s Mixcloud page.

People Who Go the Extra Mile

Image from
Image from

I love people. I read this Dust and Grooves feature on Patrice Calliet, a Parisian record collector, and absolutely wished I had met him. Together with the writer they created this impromptu art exhibition outside his house, who does that happen to? Read the full article here.

Ernest Hemingway Booting Beer


My friend posted this, allegedly Hemingway’s favourite picture of himself – booting a can of beer. Very cool.

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