One for the Week: Christopher Owens, Lysandre


You need to know…

Lysandre is the first solo effort from much lauded ex-frontman of San Francisico indie rockers Girls.  A sweet collection of melodic numbers (inspired, of course, by a girl) poetic lyrics, his honeyed vocal, harmonica, tinkling percussion and sax make it abundantly romantic. Overall Owens comes in to his own as a solo artist, the honestly penned music moving mellifluously between tracks. Listen in order, it isn’t scripted for shuffle.

Top Tracks

Early on ‘New York City’ is a song with all the catchiness on a movie montage, coming to a beautiful close with a saxophone solo. There’s an exoticism to Riveria Rock and the fleeting ‘Closing Theme’ will stick in your mind.  In contrast ‘Love is in the Ear of the Listener’ is a lyrically self-indulgent affair, although the rhythm makes it forgivable addition.

Listen when…

You’re in love, on a walk somewhere pretty or need to feel hopeful and like sunshine. You can stream the full album here, or purchase in all the usual places.




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