The Loomis Fargo Gang Play…Hungry Ghosts

The Loomis Fargo Gang hail from Virginia and I know little about them other than their strapline is strapline is ‘music for a lovely lonely day’. They’ve suggested a track from Australian instrumental experimentalists Hungry Ghosts, ‘Remember What It Was Like to Float’….


The story: One night I got really drunk, and tried to jump in my neighbor’s pool from my roof.  I ended up landing in the shallow end and hitting my head.  I passed out and my friends had to drag me out of the pool and resuscitate me.  This is the song that was playing when it happened.

The album: ‘Alone Alone’ released in 2000.

Check it out for… Swooping, fragile instrumentals which will tug at your heartstrings. A watch out – there’s a UK band of the same name, make sure you are in the right place!

Listen to ‘Tootsie in the Breeze’, a track from The Loomis Fargo Gang’s forthcoming album, The Prettiest Shade of Blue, which will be released on 20th March.

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