One for the Week: Christopher Owens, Lysandre


You need to know…

Lysandre is the first solo effort from much lauded ex-frontman of San Francisico indie rockers Girls.  A sweet collection of melodic numbers (inspired, of course, by a girl) poetic lyrics, his honeyed vocal, harmonica, tinkling percussion and sax make it abundantly romantic. Overall Owens comes in to his own as a solo artist, the honestly penned music moving mellifluously between tracks. Listen in order, it isn’t scripted for shuffle.

Top Tracks

Early on ‘New York City’ is a song with all the catchiness on a movie montage, coming to a beautiful close with a saxophone solo. There’s an exoticism to Riveria Rock and the fleeting ‘Closing Theme’ will stick in your mind.  In contrast ‘Love is in the Ear of the Listener’ is a lyrically self-indulgent affair, although the rhythm makes it forgivable addition.

Listen when…

You’re in love, on a walk somewhere pretty or need to feel hopeful and like sunshine. You can stream the full album here, or purchase in all the usual places.




The Loomis Fargo Gang Play…Hungry Ghosts

The Loomis Fargo Gang hail from Virginia and I know little about them other than their strapline is strapline is ‘music for a lovely lonely day’. They’ve suggested a track from Australian instrumental experimentalists Hungry Ghosts, ‘Remember What It Was Like to Float’….


The story: One night I got really drunk, and tried to jump in my neighbor’s pool from my roof.  I ended up landing in the shallow end and hitting my head.  I passed out and my friends had to drag me out of the pool and resuscitate me.  This is the song that was playing when it happened.

The album: ‘Alone Alone’ released in 2000.

Check it out for… Swooping, fragile instrumentals which will tug at your heartstrings. A watch out – there’s a UK band of the same name, make sure you are in the right place!

Listen to ‘Tootsie in the Breeze’, a track from The Loomis Fargo Gang’s forthcoming album, The Prettiest Shade of Blue, which will be released on 20th March.