If you listen to something this week…make it a total mismatch

Some things which have landed fairly recently and I believe to be well worth a listen. I warn you now that should you be looking for coherence there’s no theme or common genre, just great music in no particular order.

Embers, Hollow Cage 

Newly hyped track from post-rock Manchester four piece Embers, it’s instantly striking, entirely haunting and catches you right where it should.


Sinkane, Runnin

New soul and funk from Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Ahmed Gallab, this track feels light and free.


Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Psychedelic Pill

Even though this is from the newly released album Psychedelic Pill Young’s style has remained so constant it makes me feel like I’m 19 again, having just bought the album Harvest on CD for £5 in Fopp and listening to ‘Old Man’ and ‘Heart of Gold’ over and over, until the CD got a bit scratched.  In short the whole album isn’t a disappointment, it could be listened to for the sublime guitar alone.


Japandroids, The House The Heaven Built 

Amongst all this instrumental, electro and low-fi 2012 business I’ve been missing proper, play it as loud as you possibly can, rock music. Here’s one for you.

Daughter, Love

How pretty is this? Reccomended through Youtube a hauntingly beautiful track titled ‘Love’ from the London trio Daughter’s debut EP ‘The Wild Youth’.

Check them out on soundcloud, this song ‘Medicine’ is also incredible.


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