If you listen to one thing this week…Make it Mogwai

I’m usually about more under the radar bands in this wee slot, but having heard that Glaswegian electro rock legends Mogwai are releasing a remix album of tracks from sublime album Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will  I figured a feature could be fully justified.

Check out the first track from the A Wrenched Virile love collection below…

Released on 19th November on Rock Action records, the full tracklist…

George Square Thatcher Death Party – (Justin K Broadrick Reshape)
Rano Pano – Klad Hest (Mogwai is My Dick RMX)
White Noise (EVP Mix by Cylob)
How To Be A Werewolf – (Xander Harris remix)
Letters To The Metro – (Zombi remix)
Mexican Grand Prix – (reworked by RM Hubbert)
Rano Pano (Tim Hecker remix)
San Pedro – (The Soft Moon remix)
Too Raging To Cheers – (Umberto remix)
La Mort Blanche – (Robert Hampson remix)

…the one I’m really excited about is Tim Hecker’s take on the mind blowing Rano Pano…

here’s San Pedro too in its current form…

and an older track I Know You are But What Am I, which has little to do with the new release but if you are new to Mogwai I’m sure you’ll love it…

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