Play it Forward…Miss Irenie Rose

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Rachel Sermanni put singer songwriter Miss Irenie Rose in to the Play a Song For Me spotlight, a girl who hails from the Isle of Lewis and has been playing properly since 2010.  Her music is enchantingly woven, bewitching songcraft fronted by a timeless vocal, which belies her young age.

With influences which range from film soundtracks to theories and thoughts the lady herself shares one musical treasure, the sea shanty friendly, pull on your heartstrings Scottish folksters The Sea Atlas.

Miss Irenie Rose Plays…The Sea Atlas

The Sea Atlas are exactly what they sound like. They’re from Uig. When I first saw them I was so amazed by their music. Being surrounded by sea I suppose you should expect a sea sound but I’d say they have captured it more than most other music I’ve ever heard. They look sailor-ish too!  Originally the band was Calum Buchanan and Ian Schouten but it seems to grow every time they play. They have an EP out and there are a few videos on youtube.*
[As if by magic…]

I find their enthusiasm for what they do very inspiring. In terms of that – the thing that would sum it up is that Calum, after one of his earlier gigs, said “That was so fun!” … it was a new concept to me!  I’d always concentrated on getting a gig over with. They are talented, friendly and have done/will do wonderfully well. Keep an ear out!

As for Miss Irenie here’s another wee gem of hers for your enjoyment…a Go North session featuring ‘Creek Swinging’ at one of the world’s loveliest festivals, Belladrum.

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