Rachel Sermanni Plays…Miss Irenie Rose

Singer-songwriter Rachel Sermanni hails, like me, from the Highlands. I’d heard her name on blogs and gig listings for a while before I managed to properly listen to her music, in the form of the beautiful Eggshells and Black Currents EPs. Hers is a beguiling influx of delicate melodies, strummed out acoustic guitar and divine vocal wrapped around fresh, honest lyrics. I lent both CDs to my little sister (see previous post), proof I think her music is pretty special.

Here Rachel talks about her admiration for a musical contemporary – Miss Irenie Rose

Pretty name…Miss Irenie Rose

Rachel Sermanni plays…Miss Irenie Rose

I first met this lady on the Island upon which she lives, Lewis. One of Stornoway’s pubs was hosting an open mic. This is when I first heard her play and since then I have been enchanted. When you listen to her songs you feel like they have been with you always and that you don’t know how you lasted so long not realising. They are beautiful and true. Just like her.

We spoke about wanting to become pirates and, at the same and parallel moment, wanting to become ladies of effortless elegance (we’re both a bit trampish). Then when she started singing she became more woman than every other in the pub… man. Woman.

She has ONE EP just now. On it are the songs Rascal, River, My mamma Says, Blow away…

Miss Irenie Rose also has a quite lovely session in the Wee Studio, featuring another song of hers ‘What You Fancy’…

As f0r Rachel Sermanni’s lovely music watch The Waltz, this song is sublime…

Also I love The Fog. Once ran down the street to the chorus with my eyes closed. I see your dubious face, but this you should try.

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