Cancel The Astronauts play…Pet Lions!

Edinburgh’s Cancel The Astronauts make cheery as hell music, a generally brilliant and bouncy dose of guitar pop-like material. I’ve received a really mixed bag of suggestions from musicians on this journey so far, and on this one there’s a palpable synergy between the music both bands are making. Over to the astros Matt Riley, complete with Easter appropriate chick, to tell us more about a great discovery…

Play a Song For Me…Cancel The Astronauts!

Cancel The Astronauts favourite Pet Lions' EP Soft Right

‘I’d suggest a band from Chicago called Pet Lions, who last year released an album called Houses. I’ve only just picked up on it, despite being a fan since their first release in 2009 – an EP called Soft Right. They’ll appeal to anyone who enjoys chirpy upbeat US garage pop. A lazy way to describe them would be to say ‘The Strokes with synths’, and I’ll stick with that – though to be honest the album is much more nuanced; a lot of quiet moments, chiming guitars and pretty beach boys harmonies on this one. The EP, which I actually prefer to the album, is more four to the floor INDIE-POP. There’s also the odd very noisy soundgarden, like on the the first track The English Room, and while I’d have enjoyed a few more pumping up tempo numbers that they really excel at (Roman History or Propeller Plane off the EP) they obviously have grander musical ambitions than keeping me happy.

Check out the utterly brilliant video for Cancel the Astronauts single Intervention below, I love, love love the vintage footage…

It’s from the band’s new EP which also includes ‘Echoes of Love’ and ‘The Hardest Thing’, an unexpectedly stunning love song.

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